Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School strives to promote holistic and total development among its students. Thus, the institution paved the way for different programs and projects ranging from co-curricular, extra curricular and community extension undertakings, with the goal and commitment to strengthening partnerships, enhancing knowledge and skills and bringing significant impact to the school and community.


        The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the education sector from the delivery of quality education to the maintenance of the academic workplace. Different distance learning delivery modalities were adopted, while teaching and non-teaching personnel have flexible working arrangements. They were forced to work from homes to ensure their health and safety. Unfortunately, due to limited staff, the school administration found difficult in maintaining and securing the conduciveness and cleanliness of the school surroundings. In this light, the Workplace and Education Committee, in partnership with the General Parents and Teachers Association (GPTA) of Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School (CVLIS), has launched a project, titled “Gear Up! Clean Up! : Reviving CVLIS in the New Normal”. This is a concerted effort to re-establish and revive the school’s facilities and surroundings.


       Generally, this activity aims to revive the beauty and cleanliness of the classrooms and school buildings.

       Specifically, the goals of the project are the following:

  1. Assign classes to classrooms so as to prepare the room for possible face to face classes;
  2. Encourage class advisers to clean and organize their assigned classroom;
  3. Empower building coordinators to maintain and improve their assigned buildings, in collaboration with the class advisers; and
  4. Collaborate with parents through the Parents and Teachers Association in the restoration of the classrooms and school buildings.


  A. Preliminary Planning

            The project was conceptualized as a result of the ISO internal audit held last January 27, 2021. It was reported by the lead of the Managing the Classroom Environment that there is a need to ensure continuous maintenance of school facilities despite distance learning. The school head also emphasized the need to start preparing the classrooms not just for the possibility of face to face classes, but more importantly to maintain school facilities.

             A meeting with the building coordinators was then conceptualized with the assistance of the Quality Management Representative. The initial meeting was held last February 8, 2021. The meeting’s agenda included the assignment of rooms for SY 2020-2021, short review of the duties and responsibilities of the building coordinator, several adjustments in the process of reporting problems or concerns, lastly, the presentation of the contest for Best JHS/ SHS Classroom and Model Building in the New Normal was presented. (See Annex A- Minutes of the Meeting with Building Coordinators). Room assignments were done with the assistance of the chief advisers and the Head Teacher for TLE.

             Announcement of the date and criteria for judging was done via a school memorandum (Annex B). Letter to the selected judges were likewise given (Annex C.). The selected judges were from the non-teaching personnel and a parent representative. The following were the judges: (1) Caroline M. Lebita (Administrative Officer II), (2) Anna Genevieve Co (Administrative Assistant II), (3) Maureen P. Quiatchon (Registrar), Myla V. Cucal (GPTA President) , and Dinnis B. Ogayon (Administrative Assistant II), as the board of judges.

    B. Judging Proper

        Judging started at 9:00 in the morning. The judges started with the SHS Academic Building and visited the JHS Grade 9 building last. Each room was             carefully  graded according to the set criteria. The judging was finished at around 12:30 in the afternoon.


            Virtual awarding was done during the celebration of the 69th founding anniversary of Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School. Certificates (Annex D) will be distributed during the In-Service Training on March 15, 2021.


To ensure that there will be 100 percent participation among the class advisers, the building coordinators will be tasked to follow-up those advisers that have failed to clean their classrooms. Feedback forms will also be made available to all teachers (through the building coordinators) to elicit concerns and suggestions to further improve the contest/ project.

Another project will be proposed to revive the school gardens/ surroundings. It is a collaboration between class advisers and the maintenance personnel. This aims to “clean and green” specific areas of the school that have been neglected (i.e. hero’s park, stage, Gr 8 façade, and quadrangle). Details will be finalized before the third quarter.


               As stated in the DepEd Mission,” Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment. In line with the DepEd Mission, a safe and clean environment is everyone’s responsibility. With this, The General Parents Teachers Association (GPTA) in partnership with the Workplace and Education  Committee conducted community service which addressed the problem on the workplace of the school which is to flatten and concretize the parking area to ensure safety of teaching and non-teaching personnel.           
           With the initiative of the GPTA and Workplace and Education Committee there were twenty (20) representatives from the office of Vice-Mayor Ross Rizal joined in the “
Oplan Linis” VMO Cluster 7 project last March 5, 2021 at Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School, Mayapa, Calamba City headed by the Canlubang Councilor, Abel Landicho.  The volunteers comprised of APG riders and supporters. Before starting the community service, the volunteers gather at the site for proper orientation. At exactly 9:00 in the morning, volunteers had their snack. The teachers from the different Department donated bread and juice for snacks.

              The cleanup started at exactly 7:00 in the morning and ended at 11:00 in the morning with utmost participation of the volunteers willing to contribute progress in the community. The activity is in line with the Gear Up! Clean Up! wherein the proponent would like to instill the importance of community as part of the proper way of taking care of the environment.  The activity was successful and left a great impact to the community since they are already aware of the area at the designated time and date. It is evidently that the teachers as well as the volunteers are eager to extend the help for the sake of the beloved Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School.